City of Zrenjanin

About Us

BIG CEE Srbija is a part of Big Shopping Centers Israel, which currently holds and manages 59 active shopping centers throughout the world, including 27 shopping centers in the USA and 7 in Serbia.

The company currently operates in Serbia:

BIG NOVI SAD (GLA 46.000m2), opened in 2012.
BIG FASHION Belgrade in Visnjicka street (GLA 32.000m2) opened April, 2017.
BIG FASHION Park (GLA 121.600m2) opened December, 2019.
BIG PANČEVO (GLA 27.900m2) opened 2011.
BIG FASHION OUTLET INDJIJA (GLA 11.200m2), opened 2012.
BIG RAKOVICA (GLA 23.000 sqm), opened 2017.
AVIV ZRENJANIN (GLA 25.000m2), opened 2015.
KRUŠEVAC SHOPPING PARK (GLA 8.700m2), opened 2019.
BIG FASHION KRAGUJEVAC (GLA 22.700m2) opened 2012.